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2012 WNS Making waves with Sandy

Sandy batters Northeast Ohio

    Wwest News Service (WNS)

The super storm initially labeled Frankenstorm by meteorologists may be the costliest in U.S. history. Hurricane Sandy was a massive category 1 hurricane that became a superstorm when its warm air collided with a blast of cold air from the Arctic.
The two weather systems came together as Sandy pushed inland from the Atlantic Ocean into New Jersey and the eastern seaboard. The northeast was battered by high winds and flood-producing rainfall. Sandy’s storm surge inundated New York City’s harbor area and subway system.         The storm produced a heavy wet snow that blanketed areas of Maryland, West Virginia and Tennessee. Portions of southern and western Ohio also experienced enough snow to cover the ground.
The arrival of Superstorm Sandy led to the closing of more than 400 schools in northeast Ohio. Power outages and fallen trees have the First Energy work force stretched to the limit because First Energy is also responsible for returning power to the millions left without power in the east.
About 215,000 First Energy customers were still without power Tuesday in Ohio. Most are located in the Cleveland area. Flooding is the main danger facing Ohio residents and their property. Although the winds are subsiding,  lake-effect rain stays in the forecast for northeast Ohio.

A seagull flies over the extremely rough waters of Lake Erie Tuesday at Walnut Beach in Ashtabula.

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