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2016 Real Estate tax collection largest ever for Ashtabula County


The year 2016 real estate tax collection for Ashtabula County is completed

An Ashtabula County Treasurer press release

JEFFERSON_Tax Year 2016 real estate tax collection closed with over 95 Million Dollars collected, which is the largest collection in Ashtabula County’s history.

“When I first took office, annual real estate collections averaged $85mm per year and there were 6 full time and 1 part time employees in my office,” Treasurer Dawn Cragon said. “We’ve increased the dollars collected by $10mm per year with only 4 employees. I’m pretty proud of that!”

Cragon attributes this to her efficient staff, their collection efforts and the expansive payment plan program offered to our County homeowners and farmers.

“We spend our afternoons searching for people, and use a variety of resources to do this. I’ve even friended people on social media sites to reach out to them,” Cragon said. “We never want to take anyone’s home – we want them to pay and we will work with them to help them get caught up. It’s a pretty uplifting experience when a one-time delinquent homeowner owes nothing has a credit in their escrow account because of our payment program.”

For any homeowner who is unable to pay their property taxes, they can call the delinquency specialist Lynne at (440) 576-3731 to discuss if a payment plan is right for their situation.
For those whose taxes are current but would prefer to pay monthly rather than two large payments, they can call escrow specialist Sally at (440) 576-1421. “Many people like our prepay program because it’s a good way of budgeting the taxes and helps keep taxpayers on track,” Cragon said.

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