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American Red Cross to honor area residents at Acts of Courage Event today


Ashtabula Applebees’ manager to honored for saving lives


YOUNGSTOWN_ Wednesday, June 14th is Flag Day is June 14; but it is also the day the Lake to River Chapter of the American Red Cross honors local individuals who have performed extraordinary acts of courage.

These are your local people who have saved the life of a friend or a complete stranger. The hero event may have happened anywhere but must have occurred between January 1,2016 and April 17, 2017. A judge’s committee comprised of community leaders determines the winners from the many nominations.

The 2017 Acts of Courage Awards celebrates the bravery and heroism of five individuals from Ashtabula, Trumbull and Mahoning County. They will be honored during a Flag Day event 6 p.m. Wednesday, June 14 at the D.D. Davis Cargo Building in Vienna. A hero photo session is schedule before the event at 5:45 p.m. The hero procession starts at 6:30 p.m. Special guests, World War II veterans Mrs. William Conklin and Mr. Carl Will, who will lead the Pledge of Allegiance.

This event celebrates the legacy of the American Red Cross, those who serve our country and the American Red Cross volunteers whose work alleviates suffering in our community. Call the American
Red Cross at 1-866-319-7160 for information.

Thomas Krajewski is the award winner from Ashtabula County.

It was a chilly late afternoon in early December  Thomas Krajewski was driving east on Interstate 90 in Ashtabula County on a chilly afternoon in early December to Applebee’s in Ashtabula where he worked as a manager.

Krajewski was merging onto State Route 45 when he noticed a car and trailer engulfed in flames on the westbound lanes. The fire was near the front of the trailer near the rear of the car.

Krajewski did what heroes do he acted. He stopped his car and rushed across I-90 where he found an adult male with upper body burns lying in the grass. The man’s wife was frantically trying to remove boxes from the trailer.

According to the State Highway Patrol, the family was travelling across the country and all their possessions were with them.

Krajewski saw three small children, under the age of six, buckled in the back seat as he was trying to help the adults

The car and trailer were in flames as Krajewski unbuckled the first child and took him to the median where he told him not to move. He returned for the second then the third child. By then, bystanders and the Highway Patrol were at the scene and an ambulance was on the way. Three small children were safe thanks to the bravery of Krajewski.

After briefly speaking with the Highway Patrol, Krajewski again did what heroes do – he got in his car and drove to work at Applebee’s.  He was still wearing his singed and soot covered clothes when he arrived at work.

Three children are safe because of the unstoppable courage and quick thinking of Thomas. We are honored to celebrate his bravery with the American Red Cross Acts of Courage Award.

Award winner from Columbiana County is Trooper Kenny Robbins, Ohio State Highway Patrol Canfield Post:

What would you do if you saw an out-of-control truck careening toward you on Interstate 80?

On July 18, 2016, Trooper Robbins was on IR 80 investigating a one-vehicle crash. This portion of IR 80 has three lanes: two for westbound traffic, and one exit lane to the Ohio Turnpike, a cement crossover with a partial cement divider in the median. Trooper Robbins’ patrol car was parked outside of the roadway near the cement divider. A tow truck was parked approximately 20 feet in front of this patrol car, also outside of the roadway. Trooper Robbins was outside of his patrol car, between the cement barrier and tow truck, watching for traffic as the driver was securing the vehicle on his wrecker.

Trooper Robbins started to walk back to his patrol car when he heard tires screeching on the roadway. He observed an out-of-control truck traveling toward his patrol car.

Trooper Robbins immediately yelled to the tow truck driver and started running towards him. With no regard for his own safety, and nowhere to go due to a cement divider, he pushed the tow truck driver out of the way. Trooper Robbins was struck by his patrol car as he was running and knocked to the ground. The tow truck driver was also struck by the patrol car. However, his injuries were mitigated because of Trooper Robbins’ selfless actions and he was treated at the scene.

Trooper Robbins was transported to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital where he was treated for contusions, lacerations and abrasions to his left leg and both hands.

Trooper Robbins’ quick thinking in the face of great danger prevented serious injury and possible loss of life. His actions bring great credit upon himself, the Ohio State Highway Patrol, and the Department of Public Safety.

Courage is making a choice to confront danger without thinking about your personal safety. Trooper Robbins acted instinctively to push Anthony Jeswald out of the way of the out-of-control truck.

We are honored to present Trooper Kenny Robbins with the 2017 Acts of Courage Award for risking his life to push Mr. Jeswald to safety, thus saving his life.

Award winners from Trumbull County are Robert Noble and Michael Mace, and Timothy Adams:

Robert Noble and Michael Mace –
It was just another Monday, the beginning of the work week at the K-Mart Distribution Center in Trumbull County. Little did Charlie Campbell know his life was about to change. It was about 11:45 a.m. when Charlie’s associate, Doug, discovered Charlie on his back and unresponsive. Following the K-Mart safety protocol, Doug immediately sought help and 911 was called. As word spread to the cafeteria about a medical emergency, Bob Noble (area manager) and Mike Mace (operations manager) sprang into action.

Bob Noble and Mike Mace are both first aid and CPR certified. This ongoing emergency and response training at the K-Mart distribution center enabled them to act quickly and decisively.

When Bob reached Charlie, he could not respond to questions. Bob found a faint pulse and was checking to see if Charlie’s airway was blocked as Mike arrived. At this point, Charlie had stopped breathing and had no pulse. Bob began CPR while Mike readied the AED he had gotten from the hallway. They attached the AED pads and followed the instructions. The shock was administered and Charlie began breathing on his own. Bob continued CPR until the paramedics arrived to treat and transport Charlie to the hospital.

Heroes act when others do nothing. Charlie Campbell is alive today because Robert Noble and Michael Mace were trained in first aid, CPR, and AED. They did not hesitate to put those skills into action when it mattered.

The American Red Cross is honored to celebrate the safety culture of the K-Mart Distribution Center, and the lifesaving acts of Robert and Michael.

Timothy Adams —
“Heroes are selfless people who perform extraordinary acts. The mark of heroes is not necessarily the result of their action, but what they are willing to do for others and for their chosen cause. Even if they fail, their determination lives on for others to follow. The glory lies not in the achievement, but in the sacrifice.” –Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, President of the Republic of Indonesia, 2004-2014.

This quote seems so fitting for Cortland, Ohio, native Timothy Allen Adams who sacrificed his life to save a child in Jakarta, Indonesia. Timothy is a hero on two fronts. He served nine years as a combat engineer in the U.S Army, serving two tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It was March when a day of fun and laughter at a beach in Indonesia turned to tragedy as a riptide engulfed the swimmers. Timothy and other adults rushed to help the children. Timothy went out to get the last child, putting the child high on his shoulders to protect him. Another adult took the child off his shoulders. The power of the riptide pulled Timothy under and he was never seen again. In the words of his brother, “I believe he sacrificed himself so he could save the child”.

We are honored to present posthumously the American Red Cross Acts of Courage Award to Timothy Adams. Accepting the award on his brother’s behalf will be Leonard Adams.

Also honored will be Home Savings Bank with the American Red Cross Spirit of the Red Cross Award. This annual award is presented to corporations whose legacy of work has made a profound difference in the communities they serve. Accepting this award on behalf of Home Savings Bank will be Gary Small, CEO.

The Acts of Courage event will be held Wednesday, June 14th, at 6:00pm at the D.D. Davis Cargo Building in Vienna, Ohio. Tickets are $75.00 and are available by calling 1-866-319-7160. This event is open to all. For more information, call the American Red Cross at 1-866-319-7160.


The American Red Cross Lake to River Chapter helps people prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies. Last year, more than 200 volunteers and a small staff helped victims of more than 100 disasters; taught lifesaving skills to thousands; and helped U.S. service members separated from their families stay connected. An average of 91 cents of every dollar the Red Cross spends is invested in humanitarian services and programs. The Red Cross is not a government agency; it relies on donations of time, money, and blood to do its work.

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