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An interview with slain 13-month-old Sereniti’s parents Kelsie and Brandon


Kelsie Blankenship and Brandon Sutley read prepared statements before their interview

William A. West

Editor’s Comments

CONNEAUT_AshtabulaCurrent was chosen by Kelsie Blankenship and Brandon Sutley to publish their prepared statements in regard to the murder of their daughter Sereniti Jazzlynn-Sky Blankenship Sutley Saturday, Oct.7 in Conneaut. Blankenship’s boyfriend at the time, Joshua D. Gurto, 37, is charged with rape and murder of Sereniti. He was captured in Franklin Park, Pa., after being on the run for more than two weeks.
When Kelsie was pregnant with Sereniti she notified several males that they could potentially be the father of her child. Andrew Payne was one those men told that he could be the father; his DNA needed to be tested to prove one way or the other if he was the father. He neglected to do this for months and allegedly showed little, if any interest in resolving the issue. Payne chose to have his DNA tested about three days after Sereniti’s death; he was Sereniti’s biological father and now wanted the world to know about his connection to this tragic story.
Sutley chose to be in Sereniti’s life from the get-go despite knowing that he may not be the baby’s biological father.
There have been numerous posts on social media, Facebook in particular, that have been very supportive of Kelsie and her family; however, there are far too many posts that are factually inaccurate and extremely cruel.
The Blankenship and Sutley families have had to deal with irresponsible and possibly criminal people creating Facebook pages seeking to raise money in the name of Sereniti. These people have no connection to the family and did not notify the families of their intent.
Kelsie had to deal with a WICU news team camped out near her apartment complex when she returned home (now a crime scene) to retrieve her daughter’s belongings such as toys and clothes.

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