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“It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”

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Shirl Blancho


I love Christmas. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and I always try to make it as awesome as possible for my family. I wish more people would realize what this season stands for, the birth of Jesus. That is the reason for the season!
The Most Wonderful Time of the Year offers simple ideas for making the season brighter and merrier. From singing favorite carols, to sharing hugs. From finding
the perfect gift, to baking Christmas treats. It reminds us there are many wonderful activities and experiences we can create and savor.
I associate the “Most Wonderful Time of The Year” with Andy Williams and my family Christmas. Christmas just wasn’t Christmas without watching Andy Williams sing,”It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.”
What makes Christmas the most wonderful time of the year? Christmas is like a warm, nostalgic red blanket of comfort wrapping itself around me. It’s the music, the books, the movies, the decorations, beautifully wrapped gifts, the smells, and of course, the food. Many houses have a Christmas tree glistening through the window.
Ask anyone what their favorite Christmas song is; chances are you will know the melody.

But, Christmas has become a very profitable celebration for many companies. Kids, like their friends, want high-priced electronics for gifts. My friend’s son will send Santa a list each year of big ticket items—he still believes in Santa, (at least he wants us to think he does, bless his little heart). But his believing makes us more vulnerable to temptation.
The pressure of social obligations, gift-buying, parties and trying to get it done on time and in style is not always easy or inexpensive. Credit card companies are happy when we use their cards in our desire to make everyone happy. The advertising experts are particularly good at manipulation and provoke comparisons that play on our emotions with commercials triggering images of comfort, love, and warmth.
A majority of people must be bothered by the over-commercialization of Christmas, but there seems to be no escape. At times, I want to hide the TV remote, shut off the radio and power down the computer. Then I turn to baking sugar cookies.
When I think of past Christmases, I don’t think about the gifts or toys. I think about the times spent with family and friends. Although our loved ones give us gifts that honor our passions, talents, and attributes, when I go Christmas shopping I want to give a gift that celebrates what they enjoy and their interests that determine who they are.
This Christmas may not feel like the most wonderful time of the year, but hold on, there is hope. Our friends and family don’t expect the most expensive gifts in the world, all they really want is to have us with them to celebrate this season. We can fill a shoe box with nuts, candy and goodies and the person we offer it to will be happy. It’s not the gift it’s the thought.


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