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Car Crashes into Ashtabula Home

The sound of squealing tires followed by a large bang in the very early morning caught the attention of some residents living in the 800 block of East 6th Street in Ashtabula. A car being driven at a high rate of speed spun sideways and skidded across the front lawn of 800-802 E. 6th St. before striking a house at 814 E. 6th St. about 2:50 a.m. Tuesday.

“I heard the whole thing, the squealing tires and the loud sound of a crash,” Brad Wight said. “I could hear one of the victims shouting out, ‘Where’s my fucking phone?'”

Mark Vacca lives just east of 814 and made the 911 call.

“I felt the impact and boom, but could not see the car,” Vacca said. “I heard someone saying don’t call the cops.”

“I told them you’ve hit a house, you can’t just leave,” Vacca said.

Melissa Wallace, who lives at 814 E. 6th St. was in a deep sleep after studying late into the night for an anatomy test she was scheduled to take in the morning.

“I didn’t hear a thing,” Wallace said.

The accident was investigated by Ohio Highway Patrol because the Ashtabula Police were busy investigating a stabbing that occurred earlier on Bridge Street in the harbor.

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