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Is the choice for president that difficult?


Who to choose when voting for president


William A. West


Donald J. Trump has always been and always will be a loudmouth obnoxious jerk despite the efforts of his handlers to rein in the Republican presidential candidate. Trump emerged onto the national stage in the 1980s after being well known locally as a New York City socialite. His rise to national fame began in the 1980s during the construction of the Trump Tower. Trump was often referred to as a “tycoon” at the time. The following years would find him labeled a magnate by the press.
A lawyer with the New York City Planning Commission told Time magazine reporter John S. Demott “Whatever Donald does is absolutely designed to serve his self-interest.” Trump still operates in this manner. The garish Television City project and all the other projects planned or imagined in the mid-1980s provided Trump a perfect opportunity to promote and brag about himself. The strategy worked very well much to the chagrin of those with a modicum of taste and decorum.
Trump made the first intimation that he was considering a run for president in 1987 when demanding that Japan and Saudi Arabia pay for American defense operations in the Persian Gulf. In 1988 Trump invited Mikhail Gorbachev, Presidium of the Supreme Soviet, over for dinner. This helped Trump achieve what Time labeled “the head-of-state status he had been seeking since he publicly implied in 1985 that his premier dealmaking skills were what the strategic arms reduction talks were missing.”
Journalist Otto Friedrich wrote in Time, “At 6 ft. 2 in., real estate tycoon Donald J. (for John) Trump does not really loom colossus-high above the horizon of New York and New Jersey. He has created no great work of art or ideas, and even as a maker or possessor of money he does not rank among the top ten, or even 50. Yet at 42 he has seized a large fistful of that contemporary coin known as celebrity. There has been artfully hyped talk about his having political ambitions, worrying about nuclear proliferation, even someday running for President. No matter how farfetched that may be, something about his combination of blue-eyed swagger and success has caught the public fancy and made him in many ways a symbol of an acquisitive and mercenary age.”
The Trump that I can not stomach has arrived and he has continued to evolve through his role as host of the god-awful television program The Apprentice “not connected in any way to reality” show. Trump was in all his glory when he got to say “You’re fired” to a contestant. The stories of Trump’s disgusting treatment of everyone and everything are never-ending because the ignorant pig adds to the list every chance he gets. Whether it’s through his fear-provoking political rallies or his ridiculously moronic tweets; he can’t control his infantile behaviors.
Trump became the Republican candidate for president by defeating 16 lackluster opponents in the 2016 Republican presidential primaries. Trump capitalized on his ability of being a name-calling school-yard bully and the voters’ desire for change. It doesn’t matter one iota to diehard Trump supporters that the changes proposed by Trump would severely damage our nation and quite possibly the world. His supporters love the idea of building a wall along our border with Mexico and the crazy fantasy that Mexico will pay for this wall. A good breakdown of the cost of building this wall is available at CNBC:
Trump’s campaign of crude Nazi-style attacks on Muslims, Mexicans, the press, his political opponents and more are reprehensible. He has managed to offend most minorities and yet claims they love him and will vote for him. In fact,Trump is already claiming the election process is rigged and if he doesn’t win it’s because the system was manipulated.
During the second debate (Oct. 9) Trump boldly stated that he would have his attorney general appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Clinton’s use of a private email server and the deletion of emails. Trump told Clinton and the debate viewers that he would lock Clinton up if elected president. Supporters of Trump were as happy as the Romans were when the Christians were served up to the lions. Trump’s threat to lock up Clinton smacked of the thinking associated with leaders in third-world countries and Russia. According to the NYT (Oct. 11) Michael Chertoff, a former federal appeals court judge who also served in the George W. Bush administration, responded to Donald J. Trump’s threat to jail Hillary Clinton if he is elected by stating: “It smacks of what we read about tin-pot dictators in other parts of the world, where when they win an election their first move is to imprison opponents.” Can anyone locate the whereabouts of the candidates who have challenged the despotic rule of Trump’s strong leadership hero Vladimir Putin?
The Washington Post beat NBC to the punch when they published the damning video of Trump saying he sexually assaulted women and they didn’t complain because as he said you could do anything when you’re a star. Now he and his misguided supporters are claiming it was just locker room talk and that’s what men do. This is so wrong in so many ways. First off, men do not talk that way in locker rooms, for that matter anywhere, if they have a single thread of decency. Also the claim of locker room talk is bizarre when you consider that he was 59 years-old at the time. He is far too old to be acting like an adolescent boy. (Billy Bush, the NBC employee speaking with Trump has been suspended because of this interaction.) Trump’s bragging about how he forces himself on women is disgusting and unsettling. Yet, his oblivious surrogates and supporters have no problem with Trump’s repugnant behavior. They want change for the sake of change; not change for the better, because Trump is certainly not that.
Then the Howard Stern Radio program is published; lo and behold Trump gives Stern the OK to label Trump’s daughter Ivanka a “piece of ass”. How fatherly of The Trump, nothing but family values from the man who has cheated on all three of his wives. I can only imagine how bad a dude like Stern would be hurting if he asked my father if it was OK to call my sisters a “piece of ass”.
I have tried to have civil discussions with supporters of Trump, but to no avail. They refuse to see the danger that Trump presents to our country. They want change and are heedless of what kind of change will occur. All common sense is tossed out to achieve change.
One of my attempts to have a real discussion with supporters of Trump was somewhat awkward because I chose to challenge the images and statements posted on a career politician’s personal Facebook page. I guess that is considered trolling by some, I mistakenly thought trolling meant you were launching a nasty personal attack against an individual with little regard to actual subject matter or truth. I posted an actual fact or two on the page without denigrating anyone. I now understand that it was poor etiquette on my part.
Anyway, here is how it went, mind you that Nancy McArthur is the Mayor of Chardon, Ohio, therefore a minor public figure.

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Supporters of Trump also resort to the two-thirds of the tried and true adage of ‘Hear no evil, see no evil’ when it comes to their wholly unqualified candidate.. The third part, ‘speak no evil’, not so much. They are more than happy to spread lies with minimal or any trace, of truth. to their witless statements when it comes to Clinton. Trump supporters treat Breitbart News (news in name only) as if it is a credible source of news. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The mayor told me she doesn’t read Breitbart News. Well that statement was about as truthful as a Trump statement. However, I will give the career politician credit for unfriending a troll who was tastelessly bashing one of the politician’s friends who supports Clinton. One has to be very aware of the source of news. The ultra-left-wing rags are no more dependable as a news source than Breitbart or Rush Limbaugh.
It must be said that Clinton is not a perfect candidate by any stretch of the imagination. It is amazing and terribly disappointing that people supposedly as smart as Bill and Hillary Clinton are said to be have made such extraordinarily stupid mistakes. Bill couldn’t keep it in his pants despite knowing that the Republicans were just lying in wait for him to screw things up, and that he certainly did. Can U.S. Secretary of State Clinton look any more clueless when she used her own server to handle State Department confidential emails; then delete them at a later date? Lucky for us and her there isn’t any evidence of her server being hacked.
Clinton’s shortcomings pale in the face of those associated with Trump. Trump’s own Republican Party, when he’s not being a Democrat, is imploding as the result of his candidacy. Republicans with any sense of history quickly realized that Trump is an unsuitable choice for president. The more The Trump talks, the more evident it becomes to many Republicans that Trump is a completely unhinged disaster. Republicans of high stature including General Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, former presidents George H.W Bush and son George W. Bush have refused to support the Trump candidacy. About a third of Republican senators have said they’re not supporting Trump or are calling on him to resign. Of course, this displeases supporters of Trump to no end. They have taken to calling the Republicans not supporting Trump RINOS (Republicans in name only); whereas the supporters of Trump seem unfamiliar or uncaring that his stated goals are not those of the Republican Party; they are actually the ones who are the RINOS.
The flawed Libertarian Party platform clearly eliminates candidate Gary Johnson from being a reasonable choice for president. The idea of Trump being our president is completely unacceptable. I urge the people to vote against him; hold your nose if you have to, but cast your vote for Hillary Clinton.

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