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Monroe Township Trustees deal with road work costs


Monroe Township “Trick or Treat Night” is 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 31

William A. West

MONROE TOWNSHIP_The lightly-attended Monroe Township Trustees meeting started with a moment of silence followed the reciting of Pledge of Allegiance before the trustees got down to the township’s business.
There were not any minutes from the previous meeting to approve. Township Fiscal Officer Clarissa Murtha was absent from the meeting because of a personal matter.
A motion was made to pay the bills, it was seconded and then unanimously approved.
Trustee Roger Sherman gave the road report.

AshtabulaCurrent / William A. West
Monroe Township Trustee Roger Sherman during the Tuesday, Oct. 10 trustees meeting.

A drop box was installed and a pipe was ran over the bank on Valley Drive. Root Road and Middle Road North were scheduled to grated and brined in preparation for the Covered Bridge Festival held the weekend of Oct 14-15.
The annual Monroe Township Volunteer Fire Department Open House is being rescheduled from Oct. 21 to a later date.
Two areas of contention within the trustees jurisdiction is the cost of the Root Road Project performed by Polchosky Excavationg, of Conneaut. The company gave a “ballpark” estimate of $2,700 for dozer and excavating work April 25 . There were also trees to be removed.
Trustee Robert Pixley made a motion to spend up to $5,000 out of 2031-330-599-0017 road improvements. The motion was unanimously approved at the April 25, 2017 meeting. Pixley made a motion during the July 11meeting to pay Polchosky Excavating $8,675 for their Root Road Project work. The motion was unanimously approved.
“On that Root Road Project, that’s complete is it,” Monroe Township resident Wilson Osburn said. “And on the quote of $2,700 and the bill of $6,800 or somewhere in there, nothing else has been done. You’re not going to recover any money?”
“Like I told you before concerning the original quote, we ended up doing a lot more work than we originally thought,” Pixley said.

AshtabulaCurrent / William A. West
Monroe Township Trustee Robert Pixley answers a residents question during the Tuesday, Oct. 10 trustees meeting.

“It seems like if you had more work to do – you know you missed your mark by 3 times and that’s quite a bit,” Osburn said. “You should have known you were going to need the extra work done prior to getting a quote on the whole project.”
Osborn then moved on to the work being done on Valley Drive by the Township.
“How can you justify paving Valley Drive with only one house on it when you got other residents going without dust control,” Osburn said.
“The way we justify it Wilson is; every year we go up there and we put more stone in it,” Pixley said. “All these problems where we got water issues cost us money, costs us a lot of money.”
Osburn also questioned the appropriateness of a trustee wearing a campaign button during a trustees meeting. Osburn also had issue with volunteers wearing campaign buttons while selling hoagies at the MTV Fire Department.
“The Fire Department should not be brought into the political arena,” Osburn said.
Trustee candidate Chuck Riley said he was told by a person representing the Historical Museum Sept. 22 that to avoid litigation, the Township agreed to pave Valley Drive and put in a parking lot.
The possible litigation came about as result of possible illegal dumping there by the Township.
“So is the parking log included in the litigation deal or not,” Riley said.
“There is no litigation. That’s false,” Pixley said. One has nothing to do with the other.”



Monroe Township “Trick or Treat Night” is 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 31.

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