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The UELN Wears No Clothes

The UELN Has No Clothes

Editorial Comment

They are posers, wannabes and frauds and you will have the unfortunate chance to catch their degrading performance this weekend at the 2012 Downtown Ashtabula Multi-Cultural Festival.
The United Eastern Lenape Nation is anything but a Native American nation or tribe. This fair-skinned Native American tribe/nation (known as white people to actual Native Americans/Indians) are not connected to any one of the more than 500 federally recognized nations.
History shows that the Lenape (also known as the Leni or Lenni Lenape) did originate on the east coast but through tribal wars with the Iroquois Confederacy, the Lenape became a subjugated people. They would regroup when the Iroquois signed a treaty in 1682 with William Penn conceding that the Lenape (also known as Delaware Indians) were a tribe of men instead of a tribe of women.
Ashtabula residents Chief Bob Quiet Wolf, Nation’s Mother Bonnie Morning Dove, Sandi Red Wolf and their followers appear to be very nice people, but they have a hard time explaining their ancestry and the fact that they are an extremely pale-faced group of professed Native Americans.
Chief Bob Quiet Wolf says the Lenape (Delaware) are a matrilineal society. Matrilineal societies are those in which descent is traced through the mothers rather than through the fathers. Women in a matrilineal society represent the clan and their children carry on the name of the clan.
Chief Bob Quiet Wolf has addressed the obvious question that arises when one sees these Native American wannabes in a classroom, powwow or at a multi-cultural festival.
“There again, is the misconception of our nation’s tribes, et cetera, et cetera,” Quiet Wolf said. “Point one is especially the Irish. When they got here our people definitely liked the Irish women because of their hair color, their eyes. Therefore everybody says you don’t look Indian.”
It is difficult to understand how a Native American matrilineal society could keep its lineage intact when their men are out boinking Irish women or any other white female for that matter.
Sandi Red Wolf, UELN powwow coordinator, makes a claim that is hard to comprehend.
“There is a Lenape Nation/person in every country of the world,” Sandi Red Wolf said.
“There was a slave type thing, the same as with the black,” Chief Quiet Wolf said.
This may be true if actual ancestral history is not an issue when one wants to be considered a Lenape/Delaware Indian. It works for the UELN headquartered in Ashtabula.
The UELN Trading Post is also close by during powwows and festivals. You can purchase crude racist Indian time clocks that features a clock face drawn in felt tip pen. If that doesn’t twist your loin cloth you can always purchase a leather pouch with United Eastern Lenape Nation scrawled on it with a Sharpie.
But this matters little to the local media in Ashtabula Country. The two newspapers unquestioningly report on the activities of the UELN organization as if it was a legitimate Indian nation. The local educators invite these impostors into their schools and treat them with far more respect than they treat actual Native Americans.
The Ashtabula Downtown Development Association (ADDA) has a great idea to host a Multi-Cultural Festival, but is either too rushed or too uninformed to invite actual Native Americans to represent themselves at the festival.
Imagine the outcry of racism if the association used white people in blackface to represent the culture of black Americans.

For more information about the Lenni Lenape (Delaware Indian) email them at

The federally recognized Lenape Delaware Tribe of Indians address is
Delaware Tribal Offices
170 NE Barbara
Bartlesville, OK 74006
Phone: 918-337-6590
Monday-Friday   8 a.m. Р5 p.m.
Their website is:

William A. West – Wwest News Service (WNS)
United Eastern Lenape Nation Nation’s Mother Bonnie Morning Dove, left, and her husband Chief Bob Quiet Wolf, both of Ashtabula, walk in the circle Saturday during the Healing Earth Mother 5th Annual Intertribal Powwow at Lake Village Campgrounds and Resort on 6684 Leon Road in Richmond Township.

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