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Brother and sister escape fire


Wwest News Service
William A. West

West Andover_ Her brother Steven Dodge II, 12, was still sleeping when Peyton Dodge, 17, awoke to the smell of smoke and beeping smoke alarms in their West Andover home Thursday morning. Peyton rousted her brother out of bed and they made their escape out a first-floor bedroom window. She called 911 to report the fire at 4927 Route 6.
“It was very very scary, there were flames everywhere,” Steven said. “All the exits were kind of heated up.”
Smoke was pouring from the eaves, but no flames were showing when Andover firefighters arrived on the scene.
“It was freaking hot out there,” Angi Emery, Andover Fire Department, said.
Andover got the fire under control with help from Dorset, Rome, Wayne and Holiday Campgrounds Fire Departments. Pennsylvania fire departments from North Shenango, Summit and Conneaut Lake Fire departments also responded to the scene.
Firefighters remained at the scene for more than three hours. The house was a total loss.
Greater Cleveland Red Cross representatives arrived at the scene to offer assistance and help make shelter arrangements for the Dodge family of six.

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