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Beating the Heat at Walnut Beach – June 20, 2012

Excessive heat continues for today

From Staff Reports
Wwest News Service

Ashtabula_Area temperatures are expected to reach near 90 degrees today as record heat remains the norm for the Midwest and North Plains regions of United States. Local outdoor thermometers at bank locations displayed a temperature range of 90 to 98 degrees Wednesday.
The National Weather Service has issued a multitude of excessive heat warnings for the nation’s mid-section. The warnings includes Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Wisconsin, Missouri and Oklahoma. North and South Dakota are also in the steamy mix. Excessive warnings have been updated to include Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Michigan.
The sweltering humid weather may reach 100-plus degrees in the Mid-Atlantic states and regions of the southeast according to NWS.
The NWS advises that people living in the warning areas to check on the welfare of relatives, drink as much water as possible and wear light loose fitting apparel. Pet owners need to remember to provide fresh water to their animals several times a day. Leaving a child or pet in a car in this heat can have fatal consequences.

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