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Bridge Street wins 2018 “America’s Main Streets” award


Hard work and dedication earns Bridge Street in the Historic Ashtabula Harbor national championship.

William A. West

ASHTABULA_After an incredible display of support for Main Streets from coast to coast, Independent We Stand is pleased to recognize Bridge Street Ashtabula in Ashtabula, OH as the $25,000 winner of the “America’s Main Streets” contest. As a top ten finalist, Ashtabula — population 19,124 — stood out among its fellow Main Streets after more than 200,000 total votes were cast by the public nationwide during the “America’s Main Streets” contest.

Christine Seuffert

“Thanks to all the voters and to those who supported the Historic Ashtabula Harbor then and now. We had a great committee of Melody Shiflet, Melinda McNutt, Dawn Cragon and James Timonere who drove the successful campaign. Our little town matters to many. Thank you to ALL.”

Chris Raab

“Its always amazing to see the community come together for the greater good. We may be small but so many good things come out of the area and are often overlooked.”

Dave Thomas

“We’ve all known that Bridge Street has a special place in our hearts, now its thrilling our community has a special place in the record books too. I think we owe a special debt of gratitude to the leaders who spearheaded not only the contest but also all of the festivals, business events, and improvements which made Bridge Street number 1.”

Rees Davis

“The Ashtabula Farmers’ Market is thrilled with the Bridge Street win. For the last thirteen years we have been proud to work with the businesses and chefs to provide a community event on Sunday’s where people can meet their friends, buy local products and shop and dine the street. Cheers!”

J.P. Ducro

“What an awesome accomplishment considering we were competing against so many great communities. A true grass roots effort with so many key people encouraging others to get the word out and vote daily in ways such as using business cards and tag line reminders on email signatures in addition to multiple social media posts. This victory belongs to people nation and worldwide who took the time to support Ashtabula. I can’t wait to see how the funds will be used to improve our community.”

Historic Ashtabula Harbor Facebook statement

“We want you all to enjoy the win; celebrate this victory for our community and the part you played. We are going to take a few days to catch our breath and just cherish this moment. The contest committee will meet next week and comprise a survey that everyone can take to help us determine how to use the funds. You did all the hard work so we want you to help us select from some pre-determined projects. Once we’ve compiled all the data we will be sure to let you all know how the funds will be spent.”

State Sen. Sean O’Brien

“I was happy to hear that Bridge Street was named the winner of ‘America’s Main Streets’ contest yesterday,” said Sen. O’Brien “I witnessed both in person and on social media all of the hard work that went into advertising and promoting this initiative, and want to congratulate all of the organizations and motivated community members.”

Independent We Stand will host a “Main Streets Make Us Better” event during the annual Wine and Walleye Festival, on the weekend of July 27-29, 2018. The association will invite the community to choose a beautification project to be funded by the $25,000 America’s Main Streets grand prize.

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Please click on the image below to view video. This video is courtesy of Gazette Publications and Bob Lebzelter.


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