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Bring in the new year with a perfect combination of wine and chocolates


A Wine and Chocolate tasting Review

 BRIX chocolate bars were specifically selected to consume with suggested wine varieties


  •  Ménage a Trois Merlot 2014 combined with Brix medium dark chocolate.

This was a simple, not complex, light merlot, a bit on the dry side. The chocolate had 6o percent cocoa and was very smooth. The combination was the first choice for three of the four participants.

  • Cupcake Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 was consumed with the extra dark 70 percent cocoa chocolate.

           The chocolate was also very smooth but surprisingly not as strong a flavor as the medium dark chocolate. It was agreed by all participants that the combination did not work primarily because the label was not a good cabernet sauvignon; the wine was harsh and not sweet. It was decided that a different label or a zinfandel would have been better with the extra dark chocolate. This was the least favorite for all participants.

  • Pacific Rim Sweet Riesling 2015 was combined with the Brix smooth dark 57 percent cocoa chocolate.

The chocolate was smooth and sweeter than the other chocolates sampled. The Riesling lived up to its’ name – it was a smooth sweet white wine. Participants agreed the combination was an effective one with one participant saying it was a favorite. The other participants rated it as their second choice.

  • Deborah West conducted the taste test and compiled the comments of the four participants




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