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Children Enjoy Andover Easter Egg Hunt

The early arrivals were bundled in coats and hats as the warming rays of the sun slowly made the wait for the Easter Egg Hunt tolerable. It was early Saturday morning and members of the Andover Chamber of Commerce and the Andover Police Department were organizing a gazilion prizes that would be awarded to the lucky egg hunters.

About 500 kids scrambled over the grounds gathering up the more than 8,000 eggs placed at the public square.

Nolan Herbold, 5, of Jamestown, Pa., made the trip to Andover with his mother Jolene Herbold.

“I hope I win the Hot Wheels bike,” Nolan said.

” He is very excited,” Jolene Herbold said.

Boys and girls pressed their noses up against the bright orange plastic fence to single out the eggs they would claim whent the hunt started at 10 a.m. Parents, grandparents and friends stood at the ready so they could lift their eager egg seekers onto the special ground reserved for eggs and children. No adults allowed.
Travis Grady of Andover and his daughter Kenadie Grady, 3, were anxious for the organized chaos to start.

“I loved the Easter Egg hunt when I was a kid,” Grady said. “It was one of my favorite events.”
Bianca Paul, 4, of Andover, pressed her nose through an opening in the fence to get a closer look at the eggs.

“I just want to get those eggs,” Paul said.

Four age groups, (2-3 and 4-year-olds, 5 and 6 year-olds, 7 and 8 year-olds, and last, but definitely not least, 9 and 10 year-olds) searched designated areas for the desired eggs.

“I gotta a whole lot,” Jaydis Jones, 4, of Andover, said, as he devoured a peanut butter cup.

“I can’t believe he found that much,” his mother, Donna Broyier said.

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