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It’s for real, ducks do indeed walk on the fish at Linesville Spillway


More carp than you can shake a loaf of bread at

LINESVILLE, PA._Beneath the Pymatuning Reservoir lie the remains of the Great Pymatuning Swamp. The Shenango River once flowed through this ancient swamp. In the mid-1800s farmers found that they could grow huge onions in the moist nutrient-rich soil. The Shenango Valley experienced a devastating flood in 1913 and this convinced residents that a reliable water source and flood control would serve the community better than the growing of onions.

A carp waits for bread at the Linesville Spillway in Pennsylvania

A carp waits for bread at the Linesville Spillway in Pennsylvania

A reservoir was built to provide a consistent water source and flood control for communities along the Shenango River and Beaver River. Today, this river and its tributaries supply water for the reservoir.
Construction of the concrete “spillway bowl” allowed for independent regulation of the 2,500-acre upper reservoir to provide optimal wildlife habitat including bald eagles. The flow of water over the bowl brings a constant supply of natural food into the area, which provides a full buffet of plant material, insect larvae, crayfish and other invertebrates for fish to feed upon.

The Linesville Spillway attracts thousands of visitors every summer seeking the vision of ducks walking on the large school of carp as they both beg for pieces of bread. There is a snack shop that provides food for human consumption and loaves of bread to feed the carp, ducks and geese. Souvenirs are also available for purchase.

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