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Millcreek businesses show signs of serious Mural Madness



 “The Many Messages on Peach Street”

 Satire from Thay Say

MILLCREEK, PA_The positive responses generated by the murals on display in the City of Erie did not go unnoticed by townships in Erie County. Millcreek Township officials were the first to try to emulate the success achieved by Erie and Erie Arts and Culture organization. Erie Arts and Culture helped acquire Internationally known artists for the well-received projects.

      The Millcreek Arts and Culture Council, under the direction of Frida Warhol, traveled the thoroughfares of Erie in a heroic attempt to admire the murals created by Manolo Mesa, Ronald Van der Voet and Rafael Gerlach.

     “Their murals are satisfactory,” Warhol said. “But they’re better than the billboards on exhibit in Wesleyville.”

      The Arts and Culture Council searched high and low for artists capable of creating art images that would illustrate the quality of life experienced by the confined residents of Millcreek Township.

     “We concentrated on the lowbrow during our quest for artistic integrity,” Warhol said. “Our benefactors demanded the best and we at the Arts and Culture Council met their pain-in-the-ass demands.”

     Aspen-based artist Annie Wilkes brought pain and suffering to life in her touching mural illustrating the atmosphere of wellness and health associated with the LECOM Medical Fitness and Wellness Center at 5401 Peach St.

 “Bringing this art to the forefront was a difficult process for me,” Wilkes said. “It hurt more than breaking a leg.”





The Arts and Culture Council hired acclaimed-artist Lucretia Ratched, of Insania, to produce the inspiring mural on display above the entrance to Millcreek Community Hospital.

     “It is a fabulous depiction of the tender loving care received by the very fortunate “patients” imprisoned at the world-renown hospital,” Warhol said. “The attractive mural puts potential Millcreek Community Hospital inmates at complete ease as they enter the building.”

Ratched, a former nurse, drew upon her extensive experience in the mental health care field to initiate her art process for the mural.

     “The demeanor of our patients after their successful treatment will be forever etched in my mind,” Ratched said. “It is absolutely amazing how a full frontal lobotomy enhanced the world of the patients’ despite their extremely limited abilities.”

     Millcreek Mall merchants reached out to Arts and Culture Council for assistance after viewing the thought-provoking art desecrating the two LECOM medical buildings.

     “We wanted to become part of the ever-growing art scene in Millcreek Township,” Official Mall Walker Madmex Kiosk said. “They don’t call us lemmings for nothing.”

     Once again, the Arts and Culture Council faced the daunting task of selecting the perfect artist and once again they were up to the task. Their search led them to the city of Big Apple and artiste extraordinaire Coco Armani. The hiring went so well that Warhol got to know Armani on a first-name basis.

     “Coco’s art illustrates the dramatic mix of urban glamour and rural sensibility,” Warhol said. “And Boscov’s, whether their management knew it or not, was the ideal location for Coco’s iconic art.”

     Millcreek Mall visitors can not help but notice the classic artwork displayed above the entrance to the high-end Boscov’s boutique as they circle the mall looking for a handicapped parking space.

“It was my heart’s desire to capture the perfect balance of Big Apple chic and country bumpkin style in my art,” Armani said. “I knew that I would only have one crack at apprehending it. And I truly believe that I did ‘apprehend’ the Madonna balance I was so desperately seeking.”

     The outside wall of Office Max was undoubtedly the best canvas available for art in the Millcreek Mall area. The long expanse of wide-open space appeared to be a muralist’s fantasy come true. Office Max management told the Arts and Culture they wanted a mural that represented the lifestyle of its customers Warhol told SHARP ELBOWS NEWS.

     “One artist immediately came to mind when contemplating the lifestyle of Office Max clientele, Chicago-based artist Christie Guccione,” Warhol said. “Guccione has been illustrating a wide variety of scantily clad lifestyles throughout her illustrious career.”

     The captivating image painted by Guccione literally attracts one to a lifestyle of leisure and good taste.

 “It was my full intent to actualize a desirable image that would entice my admirers to fantasize about enjoying life as it should be,” Guccione said. “There isn’t anything more inviting than a pair of skis and an unused Ben Franklin stove.”

     “We are proud to counter the male-only artist selection process favored Erie Arts and Culture,” Warhol said. “It is time to end the male domination of the Erie art world!”

     The Millcreek Arts and Culture Council starts selecting display sites for the next series of street art murals January 1, 2020.


Three of the many beautiful murals on display in Erie, Pa.







Manolo Mesa




















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