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Rewards All Around

Wwest News Service (WNS)

Valjean Iola –

Owning a dog is very rewarding. It’s rewarding for pet shops, manufacturers of dog toys, dog beds, dog houses, and makers of those darling little dog clothes; rewarding also to veterinarians, drug manufacturers, dog groomers and producers of dog food.
President Obama should create an agency named “Protector of Our Prosperity” (POOP) to aid our economy. POOP would have T-shirts and ball caps made in the USA and marketed internationally. We could eliminate local dog taxes by creating a federal dog license bureau. This would generate jobs at the federal level and eliminate jobs at the local level, thus providing relief for state and local governments.
Federal agents could round up the illegal dogs and transport them to internment camps in Mexico, Africa or to Canada if they are really bad. The dogs would remain in custody until they prove they are properly licensed or claimed by humanitarian dog lovers.
Some dogs do nothing at all to help the economy. They are lazy, shiftless creatures that just roam the streets and congregate under bridges. Others loll around in luxurious PETA approved entrees, spa-like places that provide nice concrete floors, warm beds to sleep on, baths and medical attention. This is all thanks to the poor, hard-working 99 percent.
My dog Nebbie was a street puppy. He was just a youngster, but had already developed the habit of depending on others for his needs. Fortunately, I was able to rescue him from his sordid life, and the kid soon started doing his bit for the economy – quite a bit.
First, a trip to the Vet. Then, he really got into serious rewarding. Of course, all the toys were for ripping apart and upholstered furniture for sleeping on. His most ambitious achievement was the legs on the kitchen chairs and the corner of the kitchen cupboard. The furniture repairman was duly rewarded.
The tail wagging whenever I speak to him, the insane race of joy through the house when family arrives for a visit, delight all of us. But most rewarding, is the feeling that after 11 years we understand each other. He waits under my bed til I turn out the light, then leaves and checks out the rest of the  house before settling down for the night. He wakes me in the morning.
He is my faithful friend and loyal guardian. His unconditional love is all the reward I could ever want.

Valjean Iola is an exceptional educator and acclaimed writer with Wwest News Service. is proud to feature the author’s unique essays on its award-winning website.

Unconditional Love

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