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The Bookrarian Introduction!

The Bookrarian column is a new feature on

Actually I’m a librarian, but I use the title ‘bookrarian’ because my heart and focus is solely into books and their content. Not cataloging them or circulating them or putting them on the shelves – just books and their content.Years ago large public libraries had a position called the ‘Reader’s Advisor’. The Reader’s Advisor’s job was to locate books for her patron’s based on the patron’s favorite books or authors or interests. Nowadays most libraries no longer use this position and readers are left to find their own reading material. Some readers are successful by checking out what a favorite author has written lately, or following  current bestseller’s lists, or getting friend’s recommendations, or just browsing what’s on the bookshelves. I long for the days when reader’s will come up to me again and say, “I like reading this (author, topic, etc.) … what do you recommend?”

Well, no more waiting for that question to be asked of me anymore. I’m going to be proactive and recommend books before someone comes up to the desk and asks me for my reading advice.

I love many types of books – fiction and nonfiction – science fiction, literature, history, fantasy, westerns, politics, humor, horror, religion, steampunk and even children’s books. All I ask of a book is that it be well-written and interesting. If it’s non-fiction I like accuracy and a passionate viewpoint; if it’s fiction, I want at least one likeable character that I can care about and some sense of plausibility. Oh, and if it’s chick lit – it has to be very well-written and offer a new perspective; I’m tough on chick lit because it’s not my favorite category, so the book has to work harder. I know – it’s not fair, but that’s the way it is.

I will tell you about the books I’ve read and enjoyed as well as a few (I hope it’s just a few) that I don’t recommend. And, as I tell you about the books I’ve read, I’d like to hear from you – tell me about the books you’ve read and liked – and those that you didn’t like. Just be thoughtful and decent in your comments – I have a lot of respect for most authors and generally like to show courtesy toward them and their readers.

Next week I will discuss the popular and controversial trilogy, Fifty Shades of Grey! Have you read it yet? What do you think of it?

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