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When it comes to science ignorance is fossilized bliss in Wyoming



Wyoming State Board of Education Strategic Plan


The Wyoming State Board of Education will empower an educational system that will enable Wyoming students to have the knowledge, skills, and habits of mind to succeed.


The Wyoming State Board of Education will set policy that will create educational systems in Wyoming that cultivate a mind for a student who will live in a world where rapid change will be the norm and the ability to adapt will be critical.

Well, so much for Plan A,  here is Plan B

Wyoming is the first state to block a new set of national science standards.
Gov. Matt Mead signs bill that blocks the state from considering any part of the Next Generation Science Standards, a set of K-12 standards developed by national science education groups and representatives from 26 states. Others, including the provision’s author, say it prevents the wholesale adoption of the standards as they are written.
“[The standards] handle global warming as settled science,” said Rep. Matt Teeters, a Republican from Lingle who was one of the footnote’s authors. “There’s all kind of social implications involved in that that I don’t think would be good for Wyoming.”
Teeters said teaching global warming as fact would wreck Wyoming’s economy, as the state is the nation’s largest energy exporter, and cause other unwanted political ramifications.

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“I don’t accept, personally, that [climate change] is a fact,” Ron Micheli, Wyoming State Board of Education chairman, said. “[The standards are] very prejudiced in my opinion against fossil-fuel development.”

You can choose ignorance is bliss or the words of wisdom from scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson

“Those who think they can cherry-pick science simply don’t understand how science works.”


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