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Harpersfield barn fire kills show goats

William A. West / Wwest News Service

Firefighters in action

Local Firefighters fight dangerous Barn Fire

A Harpersfield fighter and Geneva firefighter J. Fortune prepare to hose down the burning remnants of a livestock barn Monday at 3800 South Ridge Road (Route 84) in Saybrook Township. About 30 4-H Club show goats and more than a dozen chickens perished in the fire at the Becky Salinger residence.

The barn was was fully engulfed by fire and the roof had  collapsed    when Saybrook firefighters arrived at the scene. Austinburg and Harpersfield fire departments also responded to call. South Ridge Road was closed between Sanborn Road and Munson Hill Road.

-UPDATE- Saybrook Fire Chief John Jyurovat said more than 30 4-H show goats and 40 chickens died in the fire at 3800 South Ridge East in Saybrook.
“I feel so sorry for the kids,” Becky Salinger, DVM said. “They have worked so hard with their animals.”
Salinger is a veterinarian at the Austinburg Veterinary Clinic.



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